K9’s need our companionship

There’s been so many studies that have shown that the domestic dog is the only animal so far that needs to be social with two different species-humans and canines. For thousands of years, we have bred for friendliness. It is therefore the dog’s predisposition to form very strong bonds with humans. Some studies show that dogs who live with just canine companions, have higher stress levels than dogs that live with other dogs AND humans.

Our loving contact with our dog is very rewarding for them. A dog’s blood pressure can be positively affected when being petted during a stressful situation. This means that not only is a dog’s psychology affected but his physiology as well. Further studies go on to show that dogs seek out human attention and compete for it. That now, not only are they great companions but that they may be healthier because of their social connection to us.

Your dog may not only need a dog mate but he also needs and wants your human presence and touch. Maybe these studies are saying that depriving your dog of you, is causing more distress for your dog than you think! We all love our dogs. Make sure they know it by spending time with them. For more on this subject visit www.bestfriends.org

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