Winter Blues…

We’ve still got a few more weeks of winter. UGH. How are you and your dog holding up? If you and your pal seem a bit more subdued than usual, don’t worry. It’s natural for this time of year to be a bit low key.

We are storing up and hunkering down but soon we will need and want to expend all that energy when we get a whiff of Spring air. Your dog will know when it’s coming and start feeling a little restless wanting to relieve some of that cabin fever.

In the meantime, take advantage of the solitude and quiet time to rest and reflect. That’s what your dog does and how many times do we talk about being more like our dogs when observing their unconditional love they dole out on a daily basis? My dogs remind me of all the blessings I live with everyday.

Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that this time of year our Kidney’s and Bladder are doing their work of storing up from the Fall harvest in anticipation of the rebirth of the season of Springtime. The Kidney’s, with it’s sister Meridian the Bladder, are known as the ‘Root of Life’ and make up the fundamentals of the Yin/Yang system in all the other organs. Kidney’s store your body’s Essence, your constitutionality. Your dog’s Kidney Essence should be maintained through a healthy lifestyle-good, quality food, plenty of exercise and a clean environment. It is also beneficial for your dog to have the love and companionship of humans and other dogs.

The things that can go wrong when the dog has week Kidneys are developmental and growth issues, week, brittle bones, tooth decay, estrus and fertility issues and low energy. On the emotional side, fear and anxiety can rule the dog’s behavior. Another issue that may develop is a bladder infection. Your dog may not want to go out to potty because it’s cold out there! So he’s reluctant to relieve himself when he should causing him to hold his urine. Try to get your dog outside every few hours to take the necessary potty breaks.

Spring is just around the corner! Hang in there! If your dog needs a pick-me-up, Acupressure can address those Winter Blues by keeping his Chi moving in a harmonious cycle. During this time of year it can help with giving the Kidney and extra boost, strengthening the immune system to keep those environmental influences at bay, and by giving arthritic bones some relief.

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