Having Children (Dogs).

I think of my dogs as my children. And to get the point across, I used to say that I may as well of given birth to them myself. That remark is not complimentary to those mothers who are not biological mothers but nonetheless the child’s real and true parent.

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Having pets is a big responsibility and it continues to astonish me how many owners still are neglectful of their pets’ basic needs. They need love and attention. Mostly in the form of play time, walks and belly rubs. Just as a human child, dogs need exercise and room to stretch their legs and places to workout their athletic bodies. This requires time from the owner. Responsibility. Dogs need fresh water every day. This requires time from the owner. Responsibility. Dogs need good quality wholesome food every day. This requires time from the owner. Responsibility. Last but not least dogs or cats can’t be left out to endure extreme temperatures. Yet, this continues to happen every day. ???. Why bother having a pet if you don’t have the time to give it proper care? I have never understood this.

My dogs, Rudi and Mary, are truly my children. I have an ideal situation in that I work from home. This not only does them good, it also does me good. They relieve my stress. They make me smile. They make me exercise. They get me out of my own head! It’s wonderful to care for someone or something else. These animals aren’t ‘just dogs’ or it’s ‘just a cat’. We have domesticated them so much that they now rely on humans for their survival. Well…maybe not cats but certainly dogs. So let’s be there for them. Be responsible. Just as parents do for their human children. Thanks!


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Humane Society’s – Animal Shelter – Lend A Paw

It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation week! Most Shelters accept food, blankets, office supplies….You may also make a cash donation or even pay a bill for them. We need to thank them for all they do for our animals and us.  Visit The Humane Society Website today!
I found two of the greatest dogs in the world at shelters. They are my babies and I don’t know what I would do without them! They are healthy, loving and wonderful pets.
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