Spring Transition

Winters can be a bit long in the Pacific Northwest. This one is no exception! I know it says Spring on the calendar, but it feels like Winter-especially lately. Still, when you look around, nature knows it’s Spring!

Green is everywhere! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine we are in the Spring transition phase that makes up One of the Five Phases of Transformation. The Liver/Gallbladder organ systems are associated with Spring Phase. Also, the Wood element and the color Green are connected with this season of REGENERATION.

Did you think your Hydrangea was dead? Look again and you will notice the tiny green leaves sprouting out. Or what about your sage bush? It was grey a few days ago, now it’s turing back to green! The Tulips and Hyacinth still want to push up through the earth-out of hibernation and before you know it, your roses will have buds on them. The Wood element creates the fuel for Life’s fire as well as controls the Earth element (think of a tree’s roots). The cycle of life still goes on in spite of the colder-than-normal weather. But we can’t stay in the Winter Phase forever. Life needs to regenerate itself.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Phases, which include Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, make up Creation and Control Cycles-In other words, it helps to explain the process of life’s changes and how Chi, our life-force energy interacts with the world and how we are sustained and supported by it-or, Created and Controlled by it.

Our bodies know it’s time and our 4-legged companions knew it several weeks ago! My 10 year old dog, Mary, has a little more Spring (pun intended) in her step the past several days. Her new undercoat is pushing through, shedding the outer, more protective layer she naturally cultivated over Fall and Winter. She’s more playful with her younger K9 companion, Rudi, by instigating a game of chase on the sunny days in the backyard. Her tendons and ligaments are the part of her body that is being governed during this transition and are literally ‘itching’ to get out and move after having a long season of germination. Because she feels renewed and resurrected after her long rest, she wants to burst out of the ground or cave and play again. This is also why we Spring clean our homes-a fresh start. It’s the same with our bodies-cleaning out the junk that has accumulated during winter.


Acupressure can help promote your pet’s smooth flow of Chi. By using acupoints along the Meridians, the practitioner can clear the way, releasing any blockages, or dams, so the river runs smooth again and that vital energy can deliver life-giving essences. Think of the Winter months when debris accumulates, water stops flowing and life comes to a standstill. Then the mountain snow starts melting, sending more water rushing down the streams and rivers. Acupressure can help clear the debris, or stiffness, in our bodies facilitating movement again! Remember it can be thought of as another expression of the Yin and Yang of Life.

The Wood element and it’s transition of Birth, is in anticipation for the transition to Growth that comes in the form of the Fire element in the Summer!

Happy Tails!

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